Sunday, January 29, 2012

Voice Recognition Software for Radiology

Read and Report

Integrated Patient Reporting

Accurate and timely reports are the essential deliverable of your daily workflow – essential to your referring physician’s care delivery. With the Q/ris 3000 reports are delivered in minutes, not days.

Q/ris 3000 Benefits:
  • Fully integrated dictation work list to launch automatically PACS images from the radiologist’s desktop
  • Three options: traditional digital dictation, voice recognition routed to an editor and real-time voice recognition
  • Extensive use of macros and structured reports to standardize and speed reporting
  • Voice Recognition using Dragon Naturally Speaking™
  • Roaming profiles provide radiologist’s the ability to move from station to station without needing to retrain or reset their voice profiles.
  • One click addendum creation with auto-launching of images from patient history
  • Remote web access to sign reports
  • Full patient history through a single, integrated view at the physician’s desktop
  • User configurable time buffer provides the ability to re-review and modify reports without having to complete addendum
  • Reports are auto-faxed, emailed (with encryption) or network printed in user defined formats

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