Monday, July 1, 2013

CTRM: Increase Patient Safety

The communication of critical and significant test results is a continually sighted problem in the healthcare environment today. The Joint Commission’s #2 Goal requiring that hospitals implement a standardized approach to hand-off communications is still prevalent, and Patient Safety and Hospital administrators need an easier way to track their performance versus manually collecting the data when the Joint Commission shows up on their doorstep.

Q/ris 3000 has developed an affordable solution to this problem by providing a module that assists in the communication of a CTR, as well as documenting and storing the communication indefinitely for real time reporting. 

Q/ris CTRM V 2.0 Module provides a more automated process for the radiologist to create a CTR Notification. It also allows the Radiologist to classify a CTR Notification as life-threatening (Red), Serious but not life-threatening (Orange) or Unexpected such as a pulmonary nodule (Yellow). In addition to these new features - this module captures contact methods, delivery verification documentation and any additional details of the communication and saves them to the permanent patient record. When communication of the CTR is confirmed a statement of CTR communication confirmation is appended to the final report, and the report is re-distributed to the ordering physician.

Users will have access to a CTRM Worklist that displays all CTR's that have not been communicated to the ordering physician. Administrative personnel and/or radiologists can follow-up to ensure positive communication.

HGH Administration will have access to a suite of Management Reports that can be run real time in minutes. Confirmation methodology such as contact information, ordering physician name, radiologist or administrative staff member confirming communication are captured and saved to the patient's permanent record. Users also have the ability to report on turnaround times from any step in the process beginning at patient arrival, through CTR communication confirmed.

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