Thursday, July 18, 2013

Measuring Key Performance Indicators in Radiology

By Dennis Schiraldi

In radiology, leveraging a RIS system that is intuitive, robust and can create reports on; referring physicians, scan times, payor mix, cancellation rates, room utilization, throughput, capacity etc. is a powerful tool in managing towards the economic viability of your imaging business.

As a best practice, a number of business administrators in radiology, hospitals and imaging centers alike, establish Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). However, establishing KPI’s is only half the battle. The ability to measure the performance against those KPI’s is key in diagnosing what areas of the business are performing well, or under performing. This gives administrators the best opportunity to manage towards impacting the  top and bottom line numbers.

Not only does mining data within your RIS system and being able to run reports aid in measuring KPI’s, it is a productive way to keep your organization on track with goals. If everyone is managing towards the goal, whether daily, monthly or annually, having a system that can generate reports that can be easily accessed is a not a luxury -- it is a very powerful tool to have your fingertips!  Without this capability, your business will suffer!

This is the value of the Q/ris 3000 software.  We provide a real time, 360 degree, user customizable look at the business and site performance heuristics. Data is provided on line per the needs of the individual site to best meet their needs.

To learn more about the reporting capabilities of medQ’s - Q/ris 3000 click here, and contacts us for consultation on how we can help impact your organization’s top and bottom line performance.

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