Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Increase Physician Referrals To Your Imaging Center

To sustain their growth and profitability, imaging Centers must differentiate their practice from others  in order to increase patient referrals and grow their business in what has become a very competitive environment. At medQ, we understand these challenges and are focused on delivering innovative software to help imaging centers increase their bottom line by offering solutions that will encourage more physician referrals, improve customer satisfaction, and improve profitability. To make this happen, we offer a unique suite of workflow products which makes the referring physician’s order of sending patients to imaging centers an easy and quick process by increasing efficiency from the moment of referral.

medQ’s Q/ris 3000 improves productivity, especially on the front end when ordering, scheduling and registering patients. The benefits of real time workflow, management reporting, and insurance verification maximize resource utilization and enhance patient experience. Our redesigned workflow process has all the pre-work completed during the check in process and presents an “exam ready” patient to the tech that will improve asset utilization.

Accurate and timely reports are the essential deliverable of an imaging center’s daily workflow.  Referring physicians are able to order a test and access a report as quickly as possible – essential to referring physician’s care delivery. With the Q/ris 3000, reports are delivered in minutes, not days. The Q/ris Referring Physician’s Desktop allows our physicians to register patients, order exams, check patient status, and view/print final reports and images with a web browser and a standard Internet connection. We provide a step by step online tutorial.   

The communication of critical and significant test results (CTRM) is a continually sighted problem in the healthcare environment today and is still prevalent. Patient Safety and Hospital administrators need an easier way to track their performance versus manually collecting the data. We have developed an affordable solution to this problem by providing a closed loop module that assists in the communication of a CTR, as well as documenting and storing the communication indefinitely for real time reporting. 

The Q/ris 3000 Electronic Health Record (EHR) module is a fully meaningful use certified program, very intuitive, easy to use and easy to train users.  It is fully integrated and data is collected only once and seamlessly reported.  An innovative dash board provides an easy way to check real time performance. In the June 2013 issue of Imaging Economics, a radiologist discusses the benefits of using medQ’s RIS/EHR in her imaging center. Read:  Over $1 Million Awarded to medQ’s RIS Users

medQ’s goal is to provide imaging centers solutions and services that will enhance the overall experience for the referring physicians and their patients. Rely on medQ for the resources you need to drive your business transformation and meet the demands of today’s environment.

Please watch our webinar on, How Radiologist are Qualifying for Meaningful Use EHR Incentive Payment Using medQ's - Qris/3000 EHR!

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