Tuesday, November 11, 2014

medQ Introduces their Q/ris 3000 Structured Report Module

medQ, Inc.,  a leading provider of EHR driven workflow solutions for radiology is pleased to announce the introduction of their new workflow productivity step, DICOM Structured Reporting.  This program is immediately available nationwide and easily integrates into existing workflows.

The Q/ris 3000 Structured Report module provides users the capability to set up specific structured reporting tables and have these tables be automatically populated with data direct from modality.  
The program has the capability to receive DICOM SR data from all modalities; including; US, Mammography, DEXA, CT and MRI.   These data can be reviewed for completeness and accuracy, modified on line by the technologists, and then forwarded to be automatically included in the radiologist's report.  Specialty data, such as, contrast and radiation dosage can also be automatically downloaded for inclusion into the patient record and final report.  

One of the unique features of this program is the capability for technologist to edit the data sent or manually enter all the data when the modality does not pass the DICOM SR data.  Thus, 100% of data can be entered before the technologist completes the exam and sends the image to PACS.

 Once approved, these data are sent directly to populate a preset macro in the radiologist's worklist in the Reporting PLUS+ dictation program.  When the radiologist launches the study and opens the dictation the structured data is prepopulated and edited for completeness and accuracy.  The radiologist only has to dictate the body, findings and recommendations.  This saves time and reduces errors since there is no need to key in, or dictate, all the measurements, nor send to transcription to have them enter the data after the fact.

This program is available in both the imaging facility mode as well as being integrated in the Q/ris Reading Services teleradiology application.

This innovative approach has a threefold positive impact;

1.  Reduces the time to complete a report and improves overall turnaround time
2.  Reduces the amount of labor required to input data into the report.  Independent studies suggest that it saves, as a minimum, over 1 week of labor per radiologist per year.
3.  Virtually eliminates data errors, to improve the quality of the report and patient safety

The bottom line is that with this solution everyone wins; the technologist, the radiologist, the facility and most importantly patient safety.

medQ, inc. headquartered in Plano, Texas, provides radiology information technology and service solutions that enable healthcare providers to deliver quality, cost effective patient care. Their integrated solutions provide an end to end, patient centric diagnostic imaging management process that result in greater operational efficiencies, improved patient outcomes with overall bottom line improvements.

For more information or a complimentary demo contact Roy Vincent at roy@medq.com, or call 1-800-597-6330 ext 230.

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