Friday, April 18, 2014

Radiologists qualified for over $4M in payments using medQ's EHR

For radiologists still considering Meaningful Use, there is still $24,000 per doctor available. However, they must be operational by September, 2014.  Time is running out!

There is a misconception among radiologists that implementing an EHR is complex, too much of a hassle and the requirements are not relevant to their specialty. The Q/ris 3000 EHR is designed specifically for radiologists and our integrated workflow and experienced implementation team take the hassle out of deployment and qualifying for EHR incentive payments.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Imaging in Oklahoma has implemented medQ’s EHR and qualified to receive their incentive payment. Landmark Imaging and California Diagnostic Imaging in California have received their incentive payments along with other medQ customers.

For the diagnostic imaging center, choosing an EHR vendor that specializes in the radiology market is key to having a smooth, flawless, hassle free implementation.  “The Q/ris 3000, a fully meaningful use certified EHR, has met with 100% success from CMS. Every radiologist who has used the medQ system has successfully attested with CMS for their 2013 work and has qualified for $4M+ in incentive payments. This is a testament to the ease of use and completeness of the Q/ris 3000 EHR.” says John Norman, medQ’s CEO.

Radiologists who delay implementing EHR and completing attestation may lose the opportunity to receive up to $24,000 in incentive payments and possibly face penalties in 2015.

medQ has over 17 years of experience providing radiologists and imaging centers with state of the art workflow solutions and services and has a trained and experienced staff who understands that radiologists want a hassle-free EHR implementation.

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Please watch our webinar online! How Radiologist are Qualifying for Meaningful Use EHR Incentive Payment Using medQ's Qris/3000 EHR!

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