Thursday, December 1, 2016

medQ Introduces their dosage management module

medQ is pleased to announce the introduction, and availability,  of their dosage management module.  This new module is an advancement in patient safety.

To increase patient safety and compliance, the Q/ris 3000 will provide the means to record, either manually or automatically thru a DICOM SR, the dosage for a defined procedure. This will be recorded in Patient History. In addition, the Q/ris 3000 will also log the cumulative dose for this patient, for exams done at a specific location/enterprise. In addition, there will be as set of reports to track, report and monitor radiation to better manage patient care.

These data will also be available to be viewed by the Radiologist in the Q/ris Dictation tab while they are dictating.

The dosage will be added by the technologist in the Tech Entry tab – Dosage amount and when recorded.  Patient history and the Radiologist worklist will be automatically populated.

To collect the dosage, the technologist clicks on the DOSAGE button, after highlighting the appropriate procedure. A pop-up will appear to add the dosage. If the Dosage comes from DICOM SR, the values will automatically update the Dosage fields.

 If the Dosage value is not entered automatically, but it is required (based on server settings), the pop-up window is displayed automatically upon Complete.  The technologist would enter the data in the box, hit OK.  The data is saved and logged.

Creating the final report

 When the radiologist opens the patient to create a report, the values are automatically displayed.

When the report is complete, if required, the DLP total will populate the final report.  This value can also be set to display, in a field, in the report macro.

Dosage Information Report

A management/OC report is also available to provide dosage information per selected patient displaying all the patient’s procedures that have been completed . Each procedure will display its own dose (DLP) and then calcualte a DLP Total, per patient.

For more information contact:
Roy Vincent

Vice President of Sales
469 277-3934 Office


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