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Teleradiology Software: medQ's Web Based Reading Services PLUS+

medQ, Inc. is a leading  provider in teleradiology reading services software. Our web based solution, which is also available in our cloud offering, is the result of over 17 years of industry experience by the medQ team of experts in developing and installing workflow solutions for the medical imaging market. Reading Services PLUS+ is designed and engineered specifically for radiology groups and teleradiologists for anytime, anywhere reading from an unlimited number of facilities regardless of size, location, number of studies or number of different sending PACS. Our sending site app enables remote sites to edit the order and scan documents needed for a paperless operation. Our unique solution integrates seamlessly with our VR based Reporting PLUS + solution and our fully certified Meaningful Use EHR, the Reading Services PLUS+ and is also available as a standalone solution.

Q/ris 3000™ RS Teleradiology and Reading Services 

The medQ Q/ris 3000™ Reading Services PLUS+ program creates a single, consolidated radiologist worklist from multiple PACS, imaging, and teleradiology locations. There is no limit to the number of reading locations or devices which can simultaneously send information to the Q/ris 3000™ RS+. We grow as your business grows! 

medQ's reporting solution worklist is fully integrated at the radiologist’s desktop.  When coupled with the Q/ris 3000 Reporting PLUS+ you have an integrated system that provides a fast, efficient and accurate report generation capability. The Q/ris 3000™ RS+ seamlessly integrates with existing EMR, HIS or RIS via industry standard HL7 interfaces, receiving patient information and orders, as well as posting digitally signed reports back to the ordering doctor or sending system. 

The Q/ris 3000™ RS+ automatically and dynamically creates orders, completes patient registration and history files, to create a unique identifier for each patient thus eliminating the need for lengthy configurations and installation timelines. The rapid deployment on a single server allows quick addition of new sites/devices. 

Administrative/Quality Control Stations are available. Located centrally or at the sending locations, which will allow the editing and updating of orders to increase the accuracy and completeness of the studies, improving the quality of data presented to the radiologist to create the final reports. With data capture from fax, email and electronic scanning capability, you get a virtually paperless solution. No more trying to match documents with electronic images at the Radiologist workstationThis creates an environment for more accurate reporting and faster turnaround times

The web based, fully integrated Q/ris 3000™ RSwith 7x24 access supports multiple workflows – STAT interrupt, preliminary reads, final reads and overread services, on one integrated worklist. Full Speech Recognition, macros, and structured reporting are included to make report creation efficient, significantly improving your response time. Additional productivity  features, such as; worklist filters/sorts, alarms, alerts, dynamic radiologist assignment protocols and automatic launching of images enables report generation in minutes. 

Automatic Report Distribution to the ordering  physician and/or imaging location is in real time and fully HIPAA compliant. Reports are sent via email, auto-fax, network printer, or HL7. 

The Q/ris 3000 RS+ includes a charge capture program ensuring 100% of the work done is captured and reported to your billing company. Our fully featured patient record allows the capture of insurance information to expedite professional billing, when needed. 

The Q/ris 3000™ RS+ is available as a stand-alone program, can be coupled with the Q/ris 3000 Reporting PLUS+ or as part of the Q/ris 3000™ Enterprise Workflow and fully MU certified Management System which adds patient registration, order entry, scheduling, and technologist worklists as an up sell to your clients.

For more information and a free web demonstration, contact us  or email roy@medq.com.
See the May 2008Imaging Economics magazine article about Q/ris 3000 Reading Services.

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