Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Radiology Reporting: medQ's Q/ris Reporting Plus+ Integration to Multiple Modules

The Q/ris Reporting PLUS+© program is one part of the total Q/ris 3000 imaging workflow solution. This program is very flexible and integrates seamlessly with other modules to provide an end to end integrated workflow.   In addition, as a standalone product, the Q/ris Reporting PLUS+© program can be enhanced with the integration into the Q/ris 3000 Reading Services Module. This module allows radiologists to bring in studies from multiple locations and integrate them into a single multi-facility worklist.  The worklist has all the core dictation features and functionality, in addition to a visible indication on the worklist of how long each study has been on the worklist. This is a visible means to increase meeting turnaround goals.

Whether set up as a part of an integrated facility workflow or as a standalone deployment, the Q/ris Reporting PLUS+© program can be enhanced with the addition of the fully MU certified EHR module to support their ability to comply with the CMS requirements

Integration with the Q/ris Reporting software allows reports to be auto faxed, emailed or sent via HL7.  This is complemented with immediate access to reports via the Q/ris Referring Physicians portal to support web viewing of reports and CPOE. Integration to multiple modules.

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